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Edit your food photos with 1 click

Bright & color – Lightroom mobile preset pack

Elevate your food photography to new heights with the Bright & Color Presets. Designed for mobile devices, this pack comprises five meticulously crafted presets that effortlessly transform your culinary photos into captivating works of art. Whether you’re a passionate food blogger, a chef, or an Instagram enthusiast seeking to enhance your feed, these presets are the key to making your culinary photos shine.

  • Crisp food photos with just one click
  • Easy to use
  • Made for the free app Lightroom mobile
food photography presets bright and color pack for lightroom mobile

Do you want to edit your photos faster?

Do you want to give your photos a more professional look?

Do you have no or little knowledge from editing or Lightroom?

Do you want more consistency in your Instagram feed?

You are a food blogger, brand photographer, creator, chef, owner of a restaurant?

These presets are for you! 🙂

Scroll through the photos to see more examples

5 Presets Included in this pack:

Bright & Soft


Chocolate Lover

Color Pop



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  1. Bright & Soft: Infuse your food photography with a delicate touch of brightness and softness. This preset enhances the natural colors of your dishes, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.
  2. Brownies: Savor the richness and decadence of your chocolate brownies like never before. This preset adds depth and intensity to the brown tones, emphasizing their irresistible appeal.
  3. Chocolate Lover: Indulge your sweet tooth with this preset designed to celebrate all things chocolate. Enhance the deep, velvety hues and accentuate the mouthwatering details of your chocolate treats.
  4. Color Pop: Make your food photos pop with vibrant and captivating colors. This preset brings out the vividness of your ingredients, adding a burst of life to your culinary compositions.
  5. Frozen: Capture the frosty allure of icy delights with this preset. Whether it’s a refreshing sorbet or a frosty beverage, this preset will accentuate the cool tones and textures, creating a captivating frozen sensation. Also great for editing photos of drinks.


Easy One-Click Editing

Designed to simplify your editing workflow. With just one click, you can instantly transform your food photos into stunning works of art. No technical expertise required!


Created specifically for mobile devices, our presets are optimized to deliver exceptional results on your smartphone or tablet. Edit your food photos on-the-go and share them instantly with your audience. You can edit your smartphone photos and photos take from your camera!

Professional Quality

Developed by and experienced photographer (read more), these presets guarantee professional-grade quality results, giving your food photography that polished and appetizing look.

Versatile and Customizable

While the presets deliver fantastic results with just one click, they are also fully adjustable to suit your personal style and preferences. Fine-tune the settings to achieve the exact look you desire.

I want them

Can’t wait to get the best out of your food photos?


voorbeeld color pop

What others have to say about the presets…

My photos are getting a boost!

Even when it is somewhat dark environment then the presets help to clear everything up! Very satisfied customer ❤️

Stefaan De Winter

Very satisfied with the presets!

Editing has never been easier. 1 click and a few minor adjustments and voila I’m done. Happy me

Shana Vanhoof

Really satisfied with the presets.

For the first time ever a realistic preset. Not something over-processed or anything.


They have been a TREMENDOUS help

I just discovered the presets world and wow!! what a change 😂😂

Yours were by far my favourite ones. And I searched for a while for the right one.



voor en na lightroom preset

Photos © gattoos.be

voor en na lightroom preset

Photos © gattoos.be

voor en na lightroom preset

Photos © claudia_pinchesofhappiness


Hi, it’s me, Tine.

I’ve been passionate about photography ever since I was a child, and for the past three years, I’ve immersed myself in the world of food photography. During this time, I’ve invested heavily in honing my skills both behind the lens and in the editing room. Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve developed a collection of presets that embody my love for stunning photos that make your mouth water.

My goal with these presets is to empower you to create the most beautiful food photos imaginable. Having had the opportunity to work with various food brands, I’ve curated a selection of my work below to give you a taste of what I can offer.

In addition to presets, I also offer photography workshops. Whether you’re using a professional camera or simply your smartphone, I’m here to guide you on your journey to capturing better pictures. So if you’re eager to enhance your photography skills, you’ve come to the right place.

mini cheesecakes met passievrucht no bake
snelle pasta met ham en erwtjes en roomsaus
bagel met zalm avocado roomkaas
gezond en suikervrij bananenbrood

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food photography presets bright and color pack for lightroom mobile


How do I install Lightroom presets?

You only need a few steps to install the presets in the Lightroom app. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be technical. You will receive an explanation of the installation when you purchase the presets.

Are the presets customizable?

Yes. You can edit your photo with one single click to apply the preset, but if you would not be happy with the result, you can still make some changes to the edit. It’s possible that you need to adapt the light or color a little bit, based on the original photo. 

Do I need to have knowledge of Lightroom?

No, you don’t need any experience with lightroom.

Does it work on any phone?

It works with any smartphone with iOS or Android.

Can these presets be used on both mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom?

The presets are designed specifically for lightroom mobile.
The app is free and easy to use for everybody.

Can I get an invoice?

Sure! You can fill in your invoice details in the checkout. The invoice will be send by mail.

How does it work exactly?

In this video you can see how I edit a photo using the presets.

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